APC insists on 6-Month minister performance reviews

In a remarkable move, the APC Stakeholders Forum is pressuring President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to implement a rigorous six-month performance review process for ministers, emphasizing the need for efficiency in realizing the “Renewed Hope Agenda.” This demand highlights growing concerns within the party about the commitment and effectiveness of current cabinet members in advancing the administration’s objectives.

The call for a systematic evaluation echoes increasing public anxiety over various national challenges and underscores the party’s urgency for tangible progress. Hon. Abdullahi Aliyu Katsina, National Chairman of the forum, expressed this sentiment emphatically during a press briefing in Abuja. He advocated for the immediate dismissal of underperforming ministers, asserting that the nation’s forward trajectory depends significantly on the cabinet’s prowess.

“Our insistence on a six-month review cycle underscores our commitment to the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda.’ The mechanism is critical to identifying laggards within the cabinet, ensuring that only those who share President Tinubu’s vision of a greater Nigeria remain,” Katsina explained, responding to critiques about the proposed timeframe being impractical.

This development comes amidst publicized dissatisfaction with certain ministers’ perceived lackluster performances since President Tinubu’s cabinet was inaugurated two months ago. While some ministers have shown commendable dedication and initiative, there is a consensus within the APC Stakeholders Forum that a more systematic approach is required to quantify each minister’s contributions and, if necessary, make informed decisions on cabinet reshuffles.

Katsina elaborated, “We envisage that within the first two months of their tenure, ministers should clearly outline their strategies and plans aligned with our national agenda. We cannot afford complacency in governance at this juncture.”

This stance is a clear departure from traditional party politicking, signaling the APC’s intolerance for inefficiency and its focus on accountability. It also sets a precedent for other political parties, challenging the status quo of political appointments and governance.

The APC Stakeholders Forum’s recommendation is a testament to the evolving political landscape in Nigeria, where performance and accountability are gradually taking center stage. Whether this will translate into immediate action by President Tinubu’s administration remains to be seen. However, this bold move by the APC group has undoubtedly set the stage for a new era of performance-driven governance, reflecting the people’s aspirations for a prosperous Nigeria.

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