Demolition: Ikeja Landlords Appeal to Sanwo-Olu for Compensation

Some landlords in Ikeja community of Lagos, whose buildings were demolished two years ago for the expansion of Ikeja Under-Bridge road, have renewed their plea to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for due compensation, as promised by the Lagos State Government.

Spokesperson for the landlords, Mr Samuel Soremi and Mrs Toyin Obilana, in a passionate plea, said since properties along the stretch were brought down since June 2021, nothing had been done in form of compensation as promised by the state government.

Soremi, who is the owner of Botife Hotel, said the buildings affected by the demolition were mainly business enterprises which had resulted in business collapse and loss of jobs, as the owners of the properties could no longer upgrade or were enmeshed in indebtedness.

Obilana also acknowledged that while the Sanwo-Olu administration stood commended for embarking on the road expansion to ease traffic congestion, the losses suffered by the landlords should be compensated for the sake of humanity.

Soremi particularly remarked his hospitality outfit would require over N150 million to rebuild his demolished properties which include two shops, a gate house, bar/kitchen and the hotel’s outer fence.

“We, therefore, respectfully request that you use your good offices to approve the payment of the compensation sought, which is long overdue; and ensure that affected landlords are adequately compensated for the costs incurred during the partial de,opinion of their properties in 2021,” the landlords prayed.


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