FTC minister Wike approves withdrawal, revocation of residential properties illegally converted to commercial buildings

In a significant move to address the misuse of residential properties originally sold to residents, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, has approved the withdrawal and revocation of these houses.

The announcement was made during a press conference held by Mukhtar Galadima, the Director of the Department of Development Control within the FCT Administration, here in Abuja on Friday.

Mr. Galadima recalled that the Federal Government had initiated a monetization program in 2005 to reduce the cost of maintaining these residential units. These houses were sold to the occupants with the expectation that they would be responsible for their upkeep. However, over time, a number of beneficiaries converted their residences for uses other than originally intended, creating a considerable administrative and management burden for the city.

As a result, Minister Wike has directed that all property owners involved should revert their properties back to their original and designated land use, which is residential. Those who fail to comply with this directive by November 1 will have their properties officially revoked.

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According to Mr. Galadima, the Department of Development Control has already documented more than 111 cases of land use conversion with regard to these sold houses, encompassing various districts within the capital city. Property owners were notified and provided with ample time to revert to their properties’ original purposes, but many have failed to do so.

Mr. Galadima further emphasized that for properties along major streets that have been converted without the necessary approvals, their owners must either revert to the original intended use or face contravention charges, as directed by Minister Wike.

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The fate of these revoked properties will be decided by the FCT Administration.

“We are determined to restore the original purpose of these residential properties in the heart of the capital city,” said Minister Wike. “Those who have misused these properties have been given ample time to comply with our directives, and we will not hesitate to take action against those who fail to do so.”

The Minister’s decisive actions underscore the commitment to upholding land use regulations and maintaining the integrity of the Federal Capital Territory.

Source: Punch Ng

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