Just In: Otedola makes U-turn on Transcorp PLC stake in landmark deal

Multi-billionaire and investor Femi Otedola has withdrawn his stake in Transcorp Plc.

According to report, the billionaire investor reached a deal with Elumelu to exit the company. Both parties entered negotiations about a possible exit in the early hours of Thursday after both had declared willingness to work together in an apparent bromance.

Otedola had initially acquired a 6% stake in Transcorp over a series of carefully orchestrated purchases going almost unnoticed until the acquisition was announced.

Both parties believed that reaching an agreement was in their best interests to do so, so the negotiations leading up to it were said to be brief but friendly. Otedola and Elemelu openly committed to collaborating to advance Transcorp’s objectives.

Report also indicate the attention drawn by the jostle for shareholding was a distraction for the company thus paving the way for a decision to part ways. It is understood that both parties will continue to explore other forms of collaboration over their common interest in the power sector.

Otedola announced in early April that he had acquired 5.05% of Transcorp making him the second-largest shareholder of the company. The purchase immediately triggered a rally for the share price of the stock, doubling in under two weeks.

Reacting to Otedola‚Äôs acquisition, Elemelu consolidated his holdings, increasing his ownership stake to about 25% which he announced on April 26th, 2023.

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