Lagos Emphasizes Compliance with Planning Laws to Achieve Sustainable Cities

By Taiwo Ajayi

The Lagos State Government has emphasised the need for compliance with physical planning laws and other laws of the state in order to achieve sustainable cities.

This was made known by the Special Adviser to the Governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, Dr. Olajide Babatunde, who represented Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu at the celebration of the 2023 World Habitat Day with the theme: “Resilient Urban Economies. Cities as Drivers of Growth and Recovery” held at the Blueroof, Lagos Television (LTV) on Monday.

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“Compliance with physical planning laws is essential for achieving sustainable cities,” Dr. Babatunde said. “When we comply with these laws, we are ensuring that our cities are well-planned and developed in a way that is safe, livable, and resilient to challenges such as climate change.”

He further stated that the Sanwo-Olu Administration is committed to creating a sustainable built environment for Lagos residents.

“We are investing heavily in physical planning, drainage construction, flood management, and other critical infrastructure to make our city more resilient and sustainable,” he said. “We are also working to improve the transparency and efficiency of our approval process to make it easier for businesses and individuals to develop their properties in a sustainable manner.”

Dr. Babatunde called on Lagosians to collaborate with the government in its efforts to create a sustainable built environment.

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“We all have a role to play in ensuring that Lagos is a sustainable city,” he said. “Lagosians can do their part by complying with physical planning laws and regulations, and by reporting any violations they see.”

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