Over 5000 nominations received for 2022 Africa Housing awards

Over 5000 nominations received for 2022 Africa Housing awards

No fewer than 5,000 nominations and entries have been received for the 2022 Africa Housing Awards, AHA,  the Convener, Barr. Festus Adebayo revealed.
There are about 31 categories of awards up for grabs at the prestigious   2022 event scheduled for 15th December.
AHA is an annual event organised to celebrate the African housing  industry’s finest players who have delivered excellent products and services across the countries in Africa. The award is open to the best in the industry, ranging from housing, industry management, property development, architecture, construction, engineering, real estate development, mortgage banking, mortgage financing, home materials, property technology and more.

Since inception of the award, the platform has celebrated over 200 Africans corporate organisations, and individuals for their excellent performance.

In a statement by the organiser, a new award, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Customer Satisfaction, to checkmate malpractices in the sector has been introduced to the categories of award.

The statement which was signed by Adebayo, also revealed that over 
40,000 votes cast across all voting categories have been recorded so far. 

He further said that  an enhanced innovative and technology driven, voting and judging process has been deployed to choose various winners. 

He said AHA remains the most credible, trusted and most prestigious housing industry award in Africa.

“It has been blazing the trail of celebrating, recognising, outstanding exceptional individuals, corporate organisations who have made tremendous contributions, to the growth and the development of the African housing and construction industry.

“This year’s award process recorded over 5,000 nominations, entries into about 31 categories of award and has so far recorded over 40,000 votes cast across all voting categories using an enhanced innovative and technology driven, voting and judging process.”

“The African housing awards have become the most prestigious and most credible housing awards respected amongst stakeholders in Africa.”
Adebayo explained that “AHA is about rewarding excellence, it is about encouraging hard work, it is about ensuring that the mandates of government owned agencies in the housing industry are achieved.

He stressed that AHA is not a platform where awards are for cash and carry.

“The brains behind AHA are honest Africans who have carved a niche for themselves in the industry and their contributions to the development of the sector are incomparable,” he added. 
On the new innovations at this year’s award, Adebayo said it is in the deployment of technology in the emergence of winners. 

“In this year’s award, the innovations that were brought in are in the area in which the winners are chosen. We allow technology to have its way and all we could do on our own is to be part of the nomination and then allow the stakeholders to have the last say on who gets what during the course of the process.

“So technology is playing a lot of roles in what we are doing in this year’s AHA.”

Voting is on 424
Voting is on

He also revealed that firms that have been so supportive to flood victims would be recognised.
He said, “Beyond that, the flood that has made so many Nigerians homeless in the year 2022 has been a great challenge for us at AHA and therefore we cannot host this year’s event without considering those that have been affected by the Flood and also appreciate those who have rendered support to those homeless people.”
We have also introduced an award titled consumer satisfaction award in real estate. Also building materials and construction, our consumer satisfaction award will be in three categories for the real estate. These are those who are buying the product of the real estate, for the building materials, these are those who are buying the building materials and also for the construction industry as a whole.
Adebayo said past editions of the award have impacted tremendously on the industry.
“The effect of our previous editions on the sector have been so impactful and that explains why a lot of the stakeholders who are targeting the awards are committed. “
The award, he also said ” has been helping in promoting productivity. If there is anything the award has done to the housing industry, it has been in the area of promoting productivity as it has made the stakeholders know that some people are monitoring their contributions, some people are measuring their deliverables. So that even when they don’t give us what they have done, we engage them in a one on one interview, Launch meeting, breakfast meeting for them to showcase and unveil things they have been doing.  In some cases,  we are able to go on our own to confirm whatever they have told us.”

On the part of the convener, Adebayo said, “we are committed to continue to sustain AHA because of the deliverables we have been seeing in the lives of the people. From the levels of numbers of people that are voting, that alone will tell you that people are really interested, that people need to be credible and people now know that they need this Award as part of their credentials. That has been our own encouragement that we are able to use this platform to touch lives and then use it as a tool to promote productivity.
“And also use it as a tool to promote development in our sector. This is how it has been for us.”

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