President Tinubu to Cabinet: Perform or Step Down

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, addressing a gathering of ministers, presidential aides, permanent secretaries, and top government functionaries at the commencement of a three-day 2023 Cabinet Retreat, delivered a stern message, urging them to perform at their best or step down from their roles.

The retreat, themed “Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda,” was held at the State House in Abuja. During his speech, the President made it clear that underperforming government officials would face potential dismissal. He emphasized the need for all top government functionaries to commit to a performance bond to achieve the administration’s goals for the country and its citizens.

In his efforts to ensure accountability and results, President Tinubu has established a Results Delivery Unit, led by his Special Adviser on Policy and Coordination, Ms. Hadiza Bala Usman. This unit will coordinate and assess the performance of cabinet members.

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The President challenged the government officials to seize the opportunity to make a positive impact. He recounted a recent meeting with the Chancellor of the Republic of Germany and a delegation of investors who raised concerns about the ease of doing business in Nigeria. President Tinubu stated that his administration was committed to removing obstacles and creating an environment conducive to foreign investments.

President Tinubu highlighted the importance of ministers focusing on their respective ministries and coming up with bold initiatives to harness the nation’s vast potential. He urged them to embrace intellectual curiosity, take responsibility for serving the people, and work together to achieve results.

The President also stressed the significance of collaboration between ministers and civil servants, emphasizing that teamwork is crucial for the country’s progress. He acknowledged the assets and liabilities inherited from his predecessor but urged the officials to work together to provide direction for Nigeria’s future.

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Regarding the need for a strong, self-reliant Nigeria, President Tinubu encouraged officials to be unafraid of making decisions, as long as they are not antagonistic towards their supervisors. He recognized the importance of education in poverty reduction and outlined the administration’s priorities, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.

President Tinubu made it clear that there is no shame in borrowing for the country’s development but emphasized that it must be done with determination to fix the nation’s challenges.

He expressed his belief in Nigeria’s potential and the importance of indigenous solutions to address the country’s issues, highlighting that the nation’s path forward must be charted for future generations, free from poverty and characterized by progress and development.

Source: Blueprint Newspaper

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