Residents mount protest as tension grips renowned 1004 estate in Lagos

Tempers are currently flaring today in the 1004 Estate, as residents has massed up in protest over what they have regard as years of neglect by the management of the prestigious home complex.

Things reached a week this weekend as the generator servicing the high-rise complex caught fire on Friday, with apparently no back-up or emergency plan by the Homeowners and Residents Association (HORA).

  • “We have not been able to as much do any cooking, neither are the lifts and air-conditioners working,” a resident told TheNewsGiant. “This is the result of years of shoddy neglect by the HORA team, since taking over in 2017.”

To make matters worse, residents took their grievances to the HORA office in the complex this morning and none of the key officers to address the issues could be found, nor had the management put in place any visible palliative measures to solve the prevailing issues.

  • Things may take an ugly turn as more residents show up to ventilate their grievances,” the resident said. “I have already warned my family to remain indoors.”

Documents sighted TheNewsGiant shows that previous efforts to make the life rosier in the estate had hit the rocks.

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Some of the protesting residents, including expatriate, bore placards, one of which said,

  • One resident said “What is most painful is the fact that this crisis is unavoidable. But the HORA management teams have just been selfish, corrupt and unreasonable and apathetic tot the general welfare of residents. It is no longer acceptable.”

The 1004 Estate is a luxury residential hub in Victoria Island,with the name derived from the numerous flats in the abode.

It is the largest single luxury high rise estate in Sub-Saharan Africa with over 1004 flats, maisonettes, studio apartment in Victoria Island originally owned by the Federal Government, when it was opened in 1979 as a high amenity and upscale estate accommodation for senators and members of the House of Representatives, it was subsequently privately acquired by investors in 2007.

Source : Nairametrics

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