Why You Must Attend AIHS 2022 – The Largest And Most Organised Housing Event In Africa

When the flagship Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) took off over a decade ago, the expectations were high, and so were the standards – prompting both sceptics and interested stakeholders to wonder how such a show – a first of its kind – will be sustained. So far so good, the expectations were not only met but the show has absolutely carved a permanent niche for itself and for participants.

While international housing events like the Global Housing Finance Conference organised by the World Bank usually focus on a defined and sometimes limited agenda, the Abuja International Housing Show is a one-stop event for multi-industry issues involving both government and private stakeholders, investors and esteemed participants.

From government officials looking for informed opinion(s) on emerging housing and construction policy dynamics, to private sector developers and investors looking for the best clients, environments and opportunities for establishment, to customers looking for the best housing deals, mortgages, credit and whatever access they need, the Abuja International Housing Show has been the best and most established platform in Africa for such convergence.

The participants who attend from different parts of the world usually attest that the event does not only create awareness on the major challenges in developing or strengthening housing industry and finance markets but also focus extensively on solutions and resolution of these challenges by highlighting innovations, new ideas and global experiences in the sector.

What Makes AIHS A Must Attend for Stakeholders

The Abuja International Housing Show has and will always be an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, NGOs and donors to gather, exchange views, learn about latest developments and to network.

The Abuja International Housing Show has the support and endorsement of the organizations and brands in charge of implementation of policies in the Nigerian housing sector. Over the years, the Abuja housing show has garnered the support of its partners drawn from the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, professional bodies among others.

The show attracts over 15,000 thousand participants and over 400 exhibitors from 21 countries. Abuja International Housing Show offers ideal conditions for visitors to initiate international property projects and helps to maintain and extend their network in the real estate sector.

More of the reasons that make the AIHS what it is are:

All Important AIHS CEO Forum

The event features an all-important CEOs Forum, which is a convergence of elite chief executives from Nigeria and across the world to devise the most effective solutions to challenges in the housing and construction industry.

According to the Show’s coordinator, Bar. Adebayo, over 200 CEOs in the real estate, mortgage housing finance, construction companies and professional institutions will focus on macro-economic and socio-political environment and impact of real estate market.

“The forum which is a gathering of high profile professionals who are founders and business owners will give opportunity to present and discuss challenges facing their respective organisations and the way forward.

“It is a collaborative and supportive environment for leaders in Nigerian real estate industry support services and mortgage banks. Participating in the forum will increase high level business contact.’’

According to Adebayo, the forum will equally provide avenue for meeting counterparts from every parts of the country and outside the country on networking business relations.

A Marketplace of Information

The most potent resource of the 21st century and especially in the Housing and Construction Sector is information. Things change quickly, and only those who can keep up will be able to compete and stay relevant in the industry.

Having access to veritable information has always been one of the most important benefits for stakeholders who attend the AIHS.

A major highlight of the event is the showcase of innovative developments in the housing industry, paper presentations from experts and leading names in the industry.

In addition, renowned experts will provide housing market forecasts and examine issues such as employment, home prices, production, demand and supply.

Clearly, there is no other platform in Nigeria that can bring together as many professionals, not only from housing, real estate and construction sectors, but also from government, investment, and capital markets to share their first-hand experience, knowledge and expertise on varied issues related directly or indirectly to housing and development.

High Calibre Attendance

The AIHS has always been a favourite stop for top guests from both government, professional bodies and private sectors. Top attendees over the years have included Vice-Presidents, Senate Presidents, State Governors, Ministers, National Assembly Members, Housing Related Agencies, World Bank Officials, IFC officials, AUHF officials, Shelter Afrique officials, OPIC executives, International Organisation Leaders, Bank and Industry CEOs, Real Estate Moguls, Business Executives, Donor Officers, Bustling Entrepreneurs among others.

There cannot be a better atmosphere for networking and strategic meetings to take place on a platter of gold. Successful stakeholders will always tell you how important the AIHS is to them and their business growth.

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Why You Must Attend AIHS 2022 – The Largest And Most Organised Housing Event In Africa

Opportunity to Introduce New Products and Meet the Right Buyers

The AIHS usually host many stands owned by several organisations and brands seeking to introduce their new products and ideas to prospective buyers, clients and investors. The registration platform provides opportunity slots for such brands to book in advance and reap the benefits that come with partnering with the largest Housing Show.

In past years, we have seen exhibition of contemporary-modern roof designs, furniture and new innovations in building technology.

The Abuja International Housing Show helps to stimulate the building and construction industry, in terms of design-led housing solutions, and high quality home-grown materials and products which are always in presentation.

Also, given that the convener of the Abuja International Housing Show is the promoter of Housing TV, housing development program showing on stations like AIT, TVC and NTA, housing time on Ray power and owner of the largest housing news portal, and not mentioning the live coverage on all social media platforms; it’s a guarantee that participants and exhibitors will get optimum publicity at almost no cost.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

The AIHS also offers opportunities for organisations and brands that want to gain more visibility and traction to sponsor the show and enjoy much more advertisement benefits that wouldn’t ordinarily be available.

For organisations that also want to sponsor the spread of information on relevant industry issues, especially as a form of corporate social responsibility, the AIHS has always been a great platform for them.

Ongoing AIHS Projects and Collaborations

As part of its multiple engagements and housing sector projects, the Abuja International Housing Show is currently in partnership with the Nigeria Senate Committee on Housing to enact and review a number of housing sector related legislations that will significantly reposition and improve the sector in a manner that it can deliver more affordable housing and remove the existential bottlenecks that often make this impossible.

Opportunities for Cheap Bargains

The show offers opportunities to make direct sales, direct buying at discounted rates and getting good deals with a mortgage bank or estate developer.

It is also a one-time opportunity to expose yourself and organization to new options of housing finance.

Recognition of Excellence

The event which usually ends in grand style with the National Housing Awards, an award event put together to honour and celebrate firms, agencies and personalities who have made giant strides in the housing sector in the past year.

An attendance will guarantee you to share in the excitement as AIHS celebrates 16 years of innovation, and help honour the best of the best during the Awards.

Inspiring testimonies

The Abuja International Housing Show is also an avenue to be inspired, either as a professional or a budding entrepreneur or just a random participant.

A lot of people often share testimonies about how they have gotten relevant information that is specific to solving their business and career struggles from attending the event.

Such segments often lift the spirit of dreamers and it is always a catalyst for instant growth because one will be exposed to perspectives that they weren’t privy to initially.

Obviously, the well calculated designs and events that makes the AIHS the largest and most successful are inexhaustible. This is where stakeholders discover best practices and new methods for improving efficiency in all areas of the home with construction demos led by top building science experts. It is where global housing enthusiasts connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts in workshops, round-table discussions and networking events.

So far, the event has been able to help achieve reasonable level of housing affordability, access to mortgage options and market growth for relevant stakeholders and clients in the housing and construction industry. The show’s projection to significantly improve the housing deficit in Nigeria, Africa and the world is still very potent and plausible.

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